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We are specialised providers of covert surveillance services nationwide across the whole of UK.

Our Agents have the skills and equipment to gather the information you need and to document it as either written, audio, photographic or video evidence. We are Covert female agentsexperienced in all aspects of surveillance and our surveillance services include the use of agents who have a full range of photographic, video, GPS tracker units and other surveillance equipment available to them.

You may suspect that your partner is not being faithful to you or you might need objective evidence of what they are really doing and who they are seeing. We can deliver the photo and video evidence as proof of their actions which cannot be denied.

We have facilities for static and covert close circuit television monitoring and/or audio surveillance. All our field investigators are highly experienced at the conduct of covert surveillance operations.

We frequently undertake mobile surveillance services in vehicles and static surveillance of locations. In a mobile role, our private investigators are available to follow subjects on foot and in cars. Normally it will be possible to obtain photography of people entering and leaving premises, meeting others or to utilise photography to see, in the cases of insurance fraud, if they are injured or have any apparent disability.

Vehicle trackingWe can further provide counter-surveillance and protective surveillance services and are able to identify the people that may be watching or posing a threat to a person or asset. Modern listening devices are tiny, powerful and easy to hide. If someone has access to a premises for even only a short time, they could have installed a device and be listening to any conversations taking place therein. Our counter surveillance experts can de-bug your premises using state of the art electronic detectors to ensure your security.

We offer a nationwide service so however you think we can help, please do contact us today to help set your mind at ease.

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