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If you have suspicions that your partner or spouse might be cheating on you, and would like to put this to the test, we have a number of attractive male and female honey trap agents who are willing to test the questionable partners fidelity.

honey trap investigatorsIf your partner has suddenly started behaving differently, is frequently undertaking unnecessary errands that take longer to complete than you might expect, has taken to working 'late' or is making changes and more effort with their appearance then you are experiencing some of the common behaviour associated with cheating spouses and partners.

We also find more and more clients who are entering into a relationship and want to test how serious their new partner is about them, contacting us to arrange a honey trap.

Or perhaps your partner has been unfaithful before and have told you they've changed. Have they really?

A honey trap can either confirm what you suspect, that your partner is or would act unfaithfully or else it can help to allay your fears. If you think a honey trap might not be the most appropriate way to test your partners fidelity, or that your partner is having an affair with a specific subject, then we can offer a range of services that can help to provide proof of what you suspect.

honey trap dateAll of our honey trappers are highly experienced agents, who on completion of a meeting will provide detailed reports of the encounter. If requested we can also provide audio recordings, video or photos, and copies of text messages giving full evidence of your partners behaviour.

Typically a honey trap will take place at a location suggested by the client, The agent will then engage the subject in conversation, asking any questions you might want answered, and giving the subject the chance to make a second meeting. Our agent will agree to meet the subject again and give them a contact number. Over the following days the chosen agent will then the client, arranging a second meeting. Should your partner agree to another meeting then our agent will attend and document the events. This is to ensure that if your partner does agree to a date with our honey trap agent you will know whether their intentions were to attend that date or not.

Please be aware that none of our agents will engage in sexual contact at any time.

If you have suspicions about you partner, but do not think a honey trap is the correct approach, we can still help. We operate a wide range of private investigation services which can include covert surveillance, vehicle tracking and background investigations.

We offer a nationwide service so however you think we can help, please do contact us today to find out how faithful your partner really is.

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